About Project ECHO®

ECHO® means Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes.

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What is Project ECHO?

ECHO is a virtual peer-group learning model for primary health care providers, including general practitioners, nurses, allied health professionals and community health workers.

The ECHO model uses a combination of didactic education and case-based discussion to deliver an interactive and reflective professional support and learning community.

ECHO brings together content and context experts to build communities of practice. ECHO participants gain knowledge and confidence to manage patients with complex presentations in their own local communities.

View this brief introductory video from our ECHO Hub Partners at Children's Hospital Queensland:

History of Project ECHO

Project ECHO® was originally developed in 2003 by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, USA, to build the capacity of primary care providers and to increase access to specialist-level care in rural and underserved populations.

The ECHO model has since spread to 180 countries and delivered over 3,700 ECHO Programs worldwide.

SAPMEA is the first ECHO Hub established in South Australia to deliver the ECHO model to our local healthcare community.

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This project is supported with funding from Wellbeing SA

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