South Australian ECHO Program

Supporting primary healthcare providers to manage complex patient presentations by sharing knowledge, disseminating best practices, supporting integrated care and building communities of practice.

Project ECHO : Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes

Join an interactive and reflective professional support and learning community!

ECHO is a virtual peer-group learning model for primary health care providers, including general practitioners, nurses, allied health professionals and community health workers.

Through didactic presentation and case-based discussion, the ECHO program aims to build communities of practice to support primary healthcare providers gain knowledge and confidence to manage patients with complex conditions in their own local communities.

Current and upcoming ECHO networks

Neurology ECHO Network
February - May 2022
Enrolments now open!

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Cardiology ECHO Network
Coming May 2022

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Gastroenterology ECHO Network
Coming in 2022

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Past ECHO networks

AOD ECHO Network | Sept - Dec 2021
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CPD Eligibility


Reviewing Performance Accredited Activity (Category 1)

RACGP members who attend at least 4 ECHO sessions will receive 40 points for a Reviewing Performance activity under the Peer-Group Learning model. Points will be allocated to eligible participants at the end of the ECHO series.

Participants who do not attend a minimum of 4 ECHO sessions to qualify for Cat 1 points will be provided with a certificate of attendance for the session(s) they attended to self-log in their CPD portal.


Performance Review Activity

ACRRM members will receive 1 point as a Case Discussion Credit for each 1-hour ECHO session that they attend. Points will be allocated to at the end of the ECHO series.

Other participants

All participants will be provided with a certificate of attendance for the ECHO session(s) that they attend to claim CPD points/hours with their respective CPD Home.

Certificates will be sent at the end of the ECHO series. If you require your certificate for sessions that you attend before the ECHO network series concludes, please email your request to

Not heard of Project ECHO® before?

Project ECHO® was originally developed in 2003 by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, USA, to build the capacity of primary care providers and to increase access to specialist-level care in rural and underserved populations.

The ECHO model has since spread to 180 countries and delivered over 3,700 ECHO Programs worldwide.

SAPMEA is the first ECHO Hub established in South Australia to deliver the ECHO model to our local healthcare community.

Learn more about the global Project ECHO® movement on the ECHO Institute website.

Learn how ECHO sessions work here.

For questions and enquiries, please contact the ECHO Coordinator at

This project is supported with funding from Wellbeing SA

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