This ECHO Network has now concluded.

Below you will find the session recordings, presentations and resources discussed and presented during the series.

Please note, only the didactic presentations are recorded during the sessions. Group discussion and case presentations are not recorded.

Session Resources

SESSION 1: 7/07/2022

Presentation Slides: Case Finding and Making a Diagnosis
Resource 1: Asthma–COPD overlap
Resource 2: Spirometry Handbook for primary care
Resource 3: TSANZ/ANZSRS Preliminary Guidance - Pulmonary Function Testing during SARS-CoV-2 Outbreaks
Resource 4: Spirometry Infection Control Recommendations for Primary Care

SESSION 2: 4/8/2022

Presentation slides: Non-Pharmacotherapy Management
Resource 1a: LFA Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs listing in SA
Resource 1b: Pulmonary Rehabilitation program in Regional/Rural SA
Resource 2: CHC Regional PR referral form
Resource 3: CALHN PR referral form
Resource 4: NALHN PR referral form
Resource 5: SALHN PR referral form

SESSION 3: 1/9/2022

Presentation Slides: Pharmacotherapy Management.

SESSION 4: 6/10/22

Presentation slides: Managing exacerbations, including concurrent COVID
Resource 1: Managing a COPD Exacerbation Checklist (Lung Foundation)
Resource 2: Managing exacerbations algorithm (Lung Foundation)
Resource 3: SA Ambulance Service (Julie Forbes)
Resource 4: My COPD Action Plan (Lung Foundation)
Resource 5: My Home Hospital (SA Health)

SESSION 5: 3/11/22

Presentation slides: Sleep Disorders in COPD
Resource 1: COPD-X
Resource 2: Sleep Health Primary Care Resources
Resource 3: Sleep Health Foundation
Resource 4: Sleep Health Foundation - CPAP Directory

SESSION 6: 1/12/22

Part 1 : Breathlessness and end -stage COPD
Part 2: Breathlessness and end-stage COPD: focus on non-pharmacological management strategies
Presentation slides: Breathlessness and end stage COPD.

COPD resources

COPD-X Plan: Australian and New Zealand evidence-based clinical guidelines for the management of COPD

COPD-X Concise Guide: A concise summary of the key evidence-based recommendations from the COPD-X Plan

HealthPathways SA: Online access to evidence-based clinical pathways and local referral information. Access to HealthPathways SA is free once you have registered to set up a login.

Available COPD pathways of care include:

Lung Foundation Australia resources:

National Asthma Council Australia resources:

Spirometry Training:


  • International Journal of General Medicine – Diagnosing and treating COPD: Understanding the Challenges and Finding Solutions
  • Medicine Today – COPD Management Supplement
  • Our COPD ECHO panel

    Dr Alison Lydeamore - GP Facilitator

    Investigator Clinic, Port Lincoln

    Dr Kerry Hancock

    Respiratory GP, Chandlers Hill Surgery

    Dr Andrew Scroop

    Respiratory Physician, Respiratory Consultants

      Glenda Woodward

      Respiratory Nurse, Country and Outback Health

      Prof Marie Williams & Prof Kylie Johnston

      Respiratory Physiotherapists, Uni SA

      Joy Gailer

      Clinical Pharmacist, DATIS

        This program is funded by Country SA PHN, with support from Lung Foundation Australia