Your bequest is a gift that can make a difference to the health of our community.

In 1995 SAPMEA became the beneficiary of a bequest in the estate of Lorna Laffer, who had been a war-time nurse, benefactor and friend of SAPMEA. During her lifetime, Lorna Laffer had provided an endowment to support and maintain the advancement of SAPMEA’s medical education initiatives.

A bequest in your will is an important way of stating your values and can also be a means of recognising the memory of a loved one.

We suggest the following very simple wording:

Form of bequest

(for inclusion in a Will)

I give and bequeath to sapmea (ABN 42 145 490 048), the sum of _______________ dollars ($_____) and I declare that the official receipt of sapmea shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my executors/trustees for any moneys paid.

(Note that unless instructed otherwise, SAPMEA will acknowledge all bequests on its website and the projects which the bequest supports)