1. Introduction

SAPMEA is a not for profit, incorporated association and health promotion charity. It is primarily involved in facilitating post-graduate medical education.

In keeping with the provisions of the national Privacy Act, SAPMEA is committed to the protection of the privacy of the personal information received from its stakeholders, and from clients, delegates, and individuals in the course of business. SAPMEA staff are required to respect the confidentiality of such personal information.

2. Members, clients and delegates

If you interact with SAPMEA as a stakeholder, as a client, or as a delegate, personal information about you may be held for the primary purpose of supplying you with information related to membership, educational programmes and activities, workshops, events and any related services.

Personal information is likely to include your name, contact address(es), telephone numbers and preferred payment methods. SAPMEA has secure systems to hold this information and will not collect personal information unless it is required for the purpose of undertaking services and functions associated with its ordinary business.

3. Data Security

Most information is stored in computer databases owned and operated by SAPMEA. These are subject to restricted access, and other typical computer system security arrangements.

SAPMEA provides its service with the assistance of related companies, outside contractors, agents and suppliers. These parties may need to be provided with some personal information (typically, name, address and contact details). SAPMEA takes seriously its obligation to protect the personal information that it holds, and every effort is made to deal only with ethical suppliers who share and demonstrate respect for privacy consistent with this statement of policy.

Examples of suppliers include: the providers of continuing medical education (and continuing professional development); venue operators; hotels and other accommodation providers, and airlines.

Other parties who may have access to personal information, subject to confidentiality and strict control of use, include computer systems support personnel, business advisers, auditors, and individual contractors assisting SAPMEA in its business.

SAPMEA aims to keep its members and clients advised of a full range of options to meet their educational and information requirements through the appropriate use of a contact list. If at any time you would like your name and contact details removed from SAPMEA's contact list simply get in touch with SAPMEA using the telephone number or addresses listed in paragraph number six.

4. Visitors to sapmea's website

If you are a visitor to SAPMEA's web site, and you provide personal information to SAPMEA staff via this web site, your personal information will be treated with the same attention to your privacy as with other forms of communication. As an Internet user you should be warned that there are some inherent risks in transmitting information across the Internet.

SAPMEA uses tools to analyse log files and summarise web site user movements. The tools allow evaluation of web site visitors by reference to Internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser types, Internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, platform types, and date/time stamps. Whilst such information is helpful in analysing user movements in the aggregate, no attempt is made to identify individuals who browse on the web site.

5. Transfer of information overseas

SAPMEA does not normally convey personal information outside Australia. Should it become necessary to transmit your personal information outside the country, all reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that such personal information is protected.

6. Access and correction

It is anticipated that your key personal information including address(es), and bank or other payment details, will be subject to routine review by you when dealing with SAPMEA. If you should find that any of this information is incorrect, or has become obsolete, you are encouraged to contact SAPMEA, to authorise any necessary changes.

To seek formal access to your personal information please contact:

The Business Manager
Suite 3, 16 Bagot Street
North Adelaide 5006

telephone: (08) 8239 0786

For your protection you may be asked to provide information that helps to confirm your identity. In most cases an enquiry may be dealt with on the telephone. In more involved instances, access to information may take a number of working days.

7. Code of Practice

In general, SAPMEA does not:

  • Send direct mail or e-mail to anyone whose personal information is held on SAPMEA’s database unless they have provided consent, or asked for this to happen via a subscription.
  • Use personal information for anything other than the purpose for which it was collected.
  • Send mail or e-mail to anyone from a SAPMEA database without providing a means for an
  • individual to have his or her name removed from the database.
  • Deny any individual access to his or her personal information held on a SAPMEA database.
  • Assume that receipt of an individual’s contact details is a permit to direct market to them unless they have given explicit permission, or have asked for this via a subscription.
  • Require users of the SAPMEA web site to identify themselves, unless access is sought to the SAPMEA web site members’ area.

8. Further Information

Further information about National Privacy Principles can be obtained by visiting the Australia Federal Privacy Commissioner's web site at