Dementia ECHO

Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes

Meet the Dementia ECHO expert panel

GP with interest in dementia:

  • Dr Stephanie Daly - Sensus Cognition


  • Dr Chloe Furst - co-HOU, Department of Geriatrics and Rehabilitation Medicine, RAH

Nurse consultant:

  • Jackie Kerr - CALHN


  • Dr Tanaya Singh - Geriatrician - NALHN
  • Claire Spargo - Occupational Therapist, SALHN
  • Dona Attard - Deputy Registrar, SACAT

CPD eligibility 

GP participants will receive 1 CPD hour under the Reviewing Performance category with RACGP/ACRRM for each meeting attended.

GPs presenting a case for discussion, will receive 1 CPD hour under the Measuring Outcomes category (to be self-claimed).

The Statement of Attendance and CPD hours will be provided at the end of the ECHO series.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the Palliative Care ECHO series, participants will be able to:

  1. Assess individuals with dementia and optimise their health outcomes.
  2. Implement a comprehensive and evidence- based approach to support individuals with dementia.
  3. Explore the resources that are available to assist in the management of individuals suffering from dementia.

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This program is funded by APHN