Mental Health ECHO Series 1 (Past)

Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes

This ECHO Network has now concluded.

Below you will find the meeting recordings, presentations and resources discussed and presented during the series.

Please note, only the didactic presentations are recorded during the meetings. Group discussion and case presentations are not recorded.

Meeting Resources

Meeting 1: Wednesday 30th August
PPT Presentation- Working with Aboriginal People and Mental Health
Resources presented and shared during the session
Additional resources
    Meeting 2: Wednesday 20th September
    PPT Presentation- Perinatal Anxiety and Depression
    2023 Australian National Clinical Practice Guideline – Mental Health Care in the Perinatal Period
    Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale - 10 item self report measure is designed to screen women for symptoms of emotional distress during pregnancy and the postnatal period.
    Antenatal Risk Questionnaire (ANRQ) - designed to consider specific key risk factors thought to increase the risk of women developing perinatal mental health morbidity.
    HealthPathways SA - Perinatal Depression and Anxiety
    Additional resources and support services
      Meeting 3: Wednesday, 25th October
      Ppt Presentation: Psychotic disorders vs delirium
        Meeting 4: Wednesday, 22nd November
        Ppt Presentation: Youth Eating Disorders
          Meeting 5: Wednesday, 6th December
          Ppt Presentation: Psychotropics and cardiometabolic effects
          Prescribing Metformin in adults with Mental Illness
          Nutrition Support

            Mental Health & Equally Well resources:

            SA Health Mental Health GP Shared Care

            SA Health Metabolic Health Resources

            Equally Well: A national action to improve the physical health and wellbeing of people living with mental illness:

            HealthPathways SA: Online access to evidence-based clinical pathways and local referral information. Available Mental Health pathways of care across the life course include:

            … plus many more….start exploring today

                    Meet the Mental Health ECHO expert panel

                    • Dr Adelaide Boylan - General Practitioner, Pro Health Norwood (program facilitator)
                    • Dr Joel Pannell - Consultant Psychiatrist, SALHN Outer South Psychosis team
                    • Dr Jayde Clark - General Practitioner, Malvern Medical Centre

                    Guest panellists:

                    • August: Vanessa Browne - Nurse Practitioner, Aboriginal Mental Health
                    • September: Dr Rebecca Hill - Consultant Psychiatrist & Head of Unit at Helen Mayo House
                    • October: Dr Michael Page - Consultant Psychiatrist & Head of Unit at the Older Persons Mental Health Service, SALHN
                    • November: Dr Randall Long - Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Head of Unit at the Statewide Eating Disorder Service & Head of Unit at the Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Service

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                        This program was funded by SALHN with support from SA Health Office of the Chief Psychiatrist