Palliative Care ECHO - Series 2 (Past)

Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes

This ECHO Network has now concluded.

Below you will find the meeting recordings, presentations and resources discussed and presented during the series.

Please note, only the didactic presentations are recorded during the meetings. Group discussion and case presentations are not recorded.

Meet the Palliative Care ECHO expert panel

GP Facilitator:

  • Dr Stephanie Daly - Sensus Cognition


  • Linda Mervart - Central Adelaide Palliative Care Services
  • Mandy Kocher - CALHN VAD Liaison

Senior Pharmacist:

  • Michaela Del Campo - SA Pharmacy, CALHN

Palliative Care Consultant:

  • Dr Chloe Furst - co-HOU, Department of Geriatrics and Rehabilitation Medicine, RAH
  • A/Prof Timothy To - HOU, Southern Adelaide Palliative Service
  • Dr Charlotte Griffiths - Southern Adelaide Palliative Service
  • Dr Linda Foreman - HOU, Central Adelaide Palliative Care Service
  • Dr Lawrie Palmer - Northern Adelaide Palliative Care Service
  • Susan Edwards - VAD Pharmacy
  • Samantha McDonnell - Central Adelaide Palliative Care Service

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This program has been funded by APHN and CSAPHN