This evening workshop will run from 6.00pm - 9.00pm. Please arrive at 5.30pm for registration and dinner.

Facilitated by Annette Tonkin from Thinking Physio, Qld

Join this 3-hour workshop to boost patient interactions. Learn empowerment, belief navigation, influential language, and resistance management. Elevate your skills, elevate care.

This immersive workshop will feature interactive discussions, and practical exercises. By the workshop's end, you'll possess a toolkit of communication strategies to integrate into your practice.

About Annette:

Annette has over 30 years' experience in private practice specialising in sports physiotherapy. This included being the physiotherapist for the Australian Women’s Cricket and Basketball Teams, and working at two World Championships and the Athens Olympics Games.

During this time Annette was able to create physical and emotional environments in which athletes could successfully recover from their injuries so that they could go on to achieve their dreams including representing their country.

To be a confidant, counsellor, motivator and physiotherapist whilst touring internationally required a willingness and ability to be a good listener/communicator as well as an excellent clinician.

Annette wants to help people just like you to make a difference in a more effective and eloquent way whilst doing what we love doing most and that is helping people recover from injury.

Annette’s unique style brings total alignment between what you already know as far as how the body works and what is possible when the mind controls the brain.

By complimenting Annette’s physiotherapy training with her post graduate study in NLP, Clean Language and Motivational Interviewing she is able to educate allied health clinicians on communication strategies that encompass rapport building, value elicitation and challenging fears, improving treatment plan adherence and recognising un-resourceful language patterns that influence recovery outcomes.

Annette’s aim is to transform the way health care professionals work with even their most challenging clients so that outcomes are dramatically improved for everyone concerned.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Empower Patients: Effectively engage patients with self-sourced information, transforming potential frustration into constructive dialogue that empowers patients and upholds professional expertise
  • Navigate Patient Beliefs: Develop skills to navigate strong patient beliefs, fostering open and respectful dialogue while effectively guiding patients toward evidence-based treatments.
  • Enhance Patient-Centred Care: Utilise language tools to capture patient attention, foster understanding, and promote collaboration, ultimately improving patient satisfaction and treatment adherence.

    Workshop Highlights:

    1. Empowering Patients and Addressing Clinician’s Frustration: Explore strategies to engage with patients who have sourced information from the likes of Dr. Google. Learn how to transform potential frustration into productive discussions, guiding patients towards informed decisions while upholding your medical expertise.
    2. Navigating Strong Patient Beliefs: Enhance your ability to communicate with patients who hold strong beliefs about their health. Discover techniques to establish rapport, facilitate open conversations, and influence patients towards evidence-based treatments.
    3. Harnessing Language for Influence: Master the art of using language to capture and retain patient attention whilst building patient understanding and trust.
    4. Attention's Influence on Perception: The impact of attention significantly shapes and influences what the listener perceives and comprehends during communication. An understanding of this ensures that vital information is accurately received and retained by patients, leading to improved treatment adherence and overall patient outcomes.
    5. Decoding Ambivalence Language: Develop a keen sense for recognising ambivalence language – subtle cues that may signal patient uncertainty. Acquire skills to identify these cues and skilfully guide patients through decision-making processes, aligning with recommended treatments.
    6. Managing Change Resistance: Explore effective strategies to address patient resistance to medical recommendations. Learn how to approach resistance empathetically, using tailored communication techniques to foster collaboration and patient-centred care

    CPD accreditation with RACGP and ACRRM pending.

    Catering: Dinner included.

    Copy of RTW Physio 29th Nov Communication Strategies for Healthcare Clinicians

    Event details

    Wednesday, November 29
    6:00 - 9:00pm, registration and dinner from 5.30pm

    Rydges South Park Adelaide

    Presented By
    Annette Tonkin
    Thinking Physio, Qld

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