This is session will be held at Mt Barker

The program is funded jointly by the NAHLN and SAPMEA EMET Programs
There is no cost to attend the evening and dinner will be included.
The workshops are open to all Medical officers, General Practitioners, Nurses and Paramedics working in Emergency Care settings

Registration is required

Each workshop is RACGP/ACRRM accredited and participants receive an attendance certificate for 3 hours of CPD. Additional CPD hours may be obtained with completion of the evening's online prelearning.

Topic : Major Trauma Emergencies (same topic presented at 4 locations)

In this workshop we will focus on the patient presenting with major trauma and examine the challenges this poses in rural settings. Using a series of clinical cases we will consider the approach to the trauma patient with injuries causing altered conscious state, severe respiratory distress or circulatory shock.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Differentiate the clinical presentation, life threats, stabilisation and investigation of the patient presenting with major trauma
  2. Discriminate the procedure for immediate assessment and resuscitation of the patient with life threatening haemorrhage from major trauma
  3. Summarise the differential diagnoses and emergency management for the patient with major chest trauma
  4. Contrast the options for the emergency management of the patient with moderate or severe head trauma

    Majortrauma Image

    Event details

    Tuesday, November 15
    06:00 - 10:00pm

    Summit Health Centre, Mt Barker SA

    Presented By
    Dr P Stuart and a multidisciplinary team

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