Blinded By Sugar - the toxic impact of sugar and the rise of type 2 diabetes.
This session tells the story of Neil Hansell, a man who woke one morning blind in both eyes due to neglect of his diabetes. In this confronting 20-minute keynote presentation, Dr Muecke discusses why type 2 diabetes is a growing worldwide epidemic and explores a number of strategies to curb the toxic impact of sugar on our health and on our world.

About the presenter:
Dr James Muecke is an Ophthalmologist and the 2020 Australian of the Year. He has dedicated his career to fight blindness in the world’s low-income countries. He now shifts his focus to increase awareness about the leading cause of blindness in adults – type 2 diabetes – a spiralling epidemic that's impacting nearly one-in-ten Australians. Join Dr Muecke in this webinar where he will challenge your perception of sugar and the impact it has in the development of type 2 diabetes.

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Thursday, October 1
06:00pm - 07:00pm

Location Name
Live interactive webinar

Presented By
Dr James Muecke
Ophthalmologist  - Adelaide Eye and Retina Centre

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