Mental Health ECHO Series 2

Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes

The Mental Health ECHO Program will focus on management mental illness in the context of the national Equally Well action to improve the mental and physical health of people living with mental illness.

This is Series Two of the Mental Health ECHO Program. To access the resources from Series 1 please click here.

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ECHO aims to create a community of practice for shared learning and professional support.

ECHO meetings provide an opportunity for participants to learn best-practice mental health care from our panel of experts and contribute to real-life case discussions. Through participation, practitioners can increase their confidence in applying evidence-based practice to improve the care of people living with mental illness.

We welcome all healthcare professionals from metropolitan, rural and regional SA to join the program.

If you are from outside of South Australia or are interested in joining as session as an observer, please email

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We welcome all cases, whether they involve common clinical scenarios related to diagnosis and care, or those that involve complex or challenging presentations and patient management scenarios.

Individuals and teams are invited to submit cases for discussion to promote learning and reflection, and improve patient care and outcomes.

Please note that ECHO meetings are not secondary consultations and do not replace specialist referral, where needed.

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Meet the Mental Health ECHO expert panel

Program facilitator:

  • Dr Adelaide Boylan, General Practitioner, Pro-Health Norwood
Panel members:
  • Dr Michaela Baulderstone, General Practitioner, CAMHS | WCHN
  • Dr Mohammed Usman, Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Director CAMHS
  • Dr David Baulderstone, Developmental Paediatrician, Medical Unit Head Department of General Medicine, WCHN)
  • Edward Hedges, Nurse Practitioner, Community Clinical Rehabilitation Services (CCRS)
  • Dr Joel Pannell, Consultant Psychiatrist, SALHN Outer South Psychosis team
  • Dr Cate Houen, Consultant Psychiatrist, Parkside
  • Dr Jackie Yeoh - General Practitioner, CALHN

      Mental Health & Equally Well resources:

      SA Health Mental Health GP Shared Care

      SA Health Metabolic Health Resources

      Equally Well: A national action to improve the physical health and wellbeing of people living with mental illness:

      HealthPathways SA: Online access to evidence-based clinical pathways and local referral information. Available Mental Health pathways of care across the life course include:

      … plus many more….start exploring today

              CPD eligibility 

              GP participants will receive 1 CPD hour under the Reviewing Performance category with RACGP/ACRRM for each meeting attended.

              GPs presenting a case for discussion, will receive 1 CPD hour under the Measuring Outcomes category (to be self-claimed).

              The Statement of Attendance and CPD hours will be provided at the end of the ECHO series.

              Learning outcomes

              At the end of the Mental Health ECHO series, participants will be able to:

              • Apply best evidence-based practice to address mental health and physical health concerns in people living with mental illness.
              • Apply a systematic and biopsychosocial approach to the care of mental illness.
              • Understand their role in integrated health care, including their responsibility to ensure people living with mental illness receive quality physical health care.
              • Identify early detection and intervention strategies to reduce avoidable physical illness in people living with mental illness.

              Learn more about how ECHO sessions work here.

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              For questions and enquiries, please contact the ECHO Coordinator at

              This program was funded by SALHN with support from SA Health Office of the Chief Psychiatrist