Presented by:

Dr Ana McCarthy, Endocrinologist

Dr Jui Ho, Endocrinologist

Dr Tim Greenwell, Ophthalmologist

Mr Reuben Vanderzalm, Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Mr Callum Hann, Celebrity Cook and Author

Learning outcomes:

  • Discuss the latest in the pharmaceutical management of Diabetes including the use of Insulin Pumps
  • Identify the physiological issues and management associated with preconception and gestational diabetes
  • Discuss strategies to encourage healthy eating practices among patients with Diabetes
  • Describe the role of exercise in the management of Diabetes
  • Discuss the common eye complication associated with Diabetes and the latest evidence-based management

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Saturday, September 7

Location Name
Sprout Cooking School, Hilton

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Pending- 40 category 1 points with RACGP and 30 PRPD points with ACRRM.

$30 refundable deposit

Full day catering and cooking demonstration included

Registration for this event is closed; please call sapmea 8372 7887

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