Palliative Care ECHO Series 1 (Past)

This ECHO Network has now concluded.

Below you will find the session recordings, presentations and resources discussed and presented during the series.

Please note, only the didactic presentations are recorded during the sessions. Group discussion and case presentations are not recorded.

Session Resources:

Session 1: Wednesday, 22 February
Didactic Presentation: Complex Malignancy Related Symptoms
Chronic Pain and Substance Abuse by Linda Foreman and Dr Emma Burns
Non- Malignant Pain in the Elderly by Hima Venugopal
Evidence - based and effective management of pain in patients with advanced cancer
Guidance for the use of medicinal cannabis in the treatment of palliative care patients in Australia
The impact of standardised ketamine step protocol for cancer neuropathic pain
    Session 2: Wednesday, 8 March
    The didactic presentation recording is only available for participants enrolled to the program. Please contact us if you would like to access this resource.
    Session 3: Wednesday, 22 March
    PPT Presentation: Febrile Neutropenia
    Recording # 1: Febrile Neutropenia
    PPT Presentation: Malignant spinal cord compression
    Recording # 2: Malignant spinal cord compression
    PPT Presentation: Hypercalcaemia of malignancy
    Recording # 3: Hypercalcaemia of malignancy
    Resources # 1: Immune related adverse event wallet cards
    Resource # 2: Risk of Neutropenic sepsis wallet cards
    Resource # 3: Palliation from the PBS Prescriber Bag.
      Session 4: Wednesday, 5 April
      PPT Presentation # 1: End Stage Organ Failure management issues at EOL.
      Recording # 1: End Stage Organ Failure management issues at EOL.
      PPT Presentation # 2: Dementia as a life limiting illness.
      Recording# 2: Dementia as a life limiting illness.
      Deprescribing at End of Life Recording: Dr Peter Tenni
        Session 5: Wednesday, 3 May
        PPT Presentation: Agitation, Delirium and Terminal Sedation
          Session 6: Wednesday, 17 May
          PPT Presentation: Complex Bereavement


              Palliative Care resources:

              HealthPathways SA: Online access to evidence-based clinical pathways and local referral information. Access to HealthPathways SA is free once you have registered to set up a login.

                Meet the Palliative Care ECHO Network panel


                Palliative Care Consultant:
                • Dr Susan Haynes - Rural Support Service, SA Health
                • Dr Anas Safri - Central Adelaide Palliative Care Services
                • Dr Peter Allcroft - Southern Adelaide Palliative Care Services
                • Dr Olivia Rygorowicz - Southern Adelaide Palliative Care Services
                GP with interest in Palliative care:
                • Dr Sonia Schutz - Mannum Medical Centre
                • Dr Emma Manifold - Summit Health, Mt Barker
                  Geriatrician & Palliative Care Consultant:
                  • Dr Teena Silakong - Northern Adelaide Palliative Care Service
                  • Paul Tait - Rural Support Service, SA Health
                    Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner:
                    • Lisa MacDonald - Rural Support Service, SA Health & Eldercare
                    • Karin Myhill - Southern Adelaide Palliative Care Services
                    Bereavement Service Coordinator:
                    • Samantha McDonnell - Central Adelaide Palliative Care Service (CAPCS)



                    This project is supported by the Rural Support Service, Adelaide PHN and Country SA PHN: