As this session is funded by Adelaide PHN, it is aimed for all health professionals working within the Adelaide metropolitan region.

The aim of this education session is to understand how health professionals can implement, support and overcome barriers associated with the opioid tapering and deprescribing process, through a patient-centred approach.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a clear and effective patient-centred deprescribing plan using relevant deprescribing and tapering strategies
  • Identify and manage potential barriers to the deprescribing process to optimise patient health outcomes
  • Describe your role and responsibilities in soon to be mandated ScriptcheckSA program (early 2022)

Please note: This education session will follow SAPMEA’s social distancing measures. See our COVID-19 protocols page for full information.

This activity has been made possible by funding from Adelaide PHN.

Deprescribing Opioids

Event details

Wednesday, November 24
06:00 - 08:30pm

Comfort Inn Regal Park, 44 Barton Terrace East, North Adelaide

Presented By
Dr Tim Semple - Pain Medicine Specialist, Dr Derek Yull - GP Facilitator, Kerin Montgomerie - Manager of the Drugs of Dependence Unit & ScriptCheckSA Project

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